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The Health Informatics, Data Analytics, and Visualization (HiDAV) summer boot camp is a seven week program hosted by ENABLE, an extension of the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) at UNC Chapel Hill. The boot camp seeks to expose underrepresented minority undergraduate students to principles of biomedical health informatics (BMHI), and encourage them to explore advanced training and careers in this field.

Over the courses of the boot camp, students are introduced to a wide range of concepts such as predictive analysis using text mining, analytic model development related to machine learning, and data visualization. To help reinforce engagement and learning of these concepts, our boot camp students are tasked with working together to develop a research project using what they have learned from the program, and applying it to an area of interest in healthcare and/or public health. At the end of boot camp, the students give presentations on their projects and reflect on their experience in gaining critical BMHI skills.